Rara Lake Trekking offers the best scenery in the north-western part of Nepal. Within its boundaries are the Rara National Park, the smallest park in Nepal, where in turn the country's largest lake, Lake Rara can be found (10.8 square kilometers. At 2990 meters). Considered one of the best parks in the world, Rara National Park abounds in coniferous forests and is the ideal habitat for musk deer, Himalayan black bear and other faunas. The DANFE (Impey Pheasant) the national bird of Nepal, while flying over a variety of fish, snow trout, inhabit Lake Rara. Adding charm to the region are the people at large with an open heart and friendly. The journey can begin in Jumla (more than one hour flight from Kathmandu), or closer to Nepalgunj.

Rara is a good destination for hiking in the West. The trail is very "unusual" and offers glimpses of culture and scenery very different from the rest of the country. The enterpiece of the park is the largest lake in Nepal. Along the mountain trails and a series of quaint villages, you arrive at the shores of magnificent Lake Rara. The park includes Trans-Himalayan valley with high ridges covered with forests and pastures.



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